"Sophisticated and soulful pop"

Grandsons of "Batman" composer Neal Hefti, the three brothers from Chicago make music that reviews have called "sophisticated and soulful pop" with "gorgeous harmonies." Their sibling relationship is filled with awe, insecurities, resentments, laughter, mind-sharing, and brick walls. This complex reality produces music for both the head and heart.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see videos of the recording process, inside jokes, and awkward tension as they make their first album in 12 years. Their debut album, "Waking Birds Will Harmonize," is on Spotify.

The First Album

Critical praise for "Waking Birds Will Harmonize":

  • "All 13 pop songs swoop and soar, with a rich rock beat driving 'Where Is The Rose” and gorgeous vocal harmonies guiding 'Fly.'" - Illinois Entertainer
  • "Sophisticated and soulful pop ... Fans of Rufus Wainwright and Steely Dan will find plenty to swoon over.” - TimeOut Chicago
  • "Well-crafted and complex, mellow, and laid-back pop songs." - ADD Reviews
  • "Sweetly somber." - AV Club

Family tidbits: Jesse wrote "You Are Good Enough" for Josh. Josh wrote "The Other Side" for Jesse and "October" for their mother, who died when they were kids. 


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